Poffertjes . The Law of Attraction

I got to know about this baby pancakes through a very old friend who I knew since 20 years ago. She was so kind , sent me this Poffertjes pan all the way from Amsterdam, and it's been so many years before I started using it. It's sad to say that we lost contact for each other since 7 years ago. I really wish one day she would find me through my food blog..... 
Hubby got the Poffertjes mix from Amsterdam. This should be the only brand they have which I know so far. However there are websites provide recipes that made from scratch. Do give it a try!  The usual way the Dutch serve these babies are butter and icing sugar. But I haven't been quite a fan of icing sugar so I thought maple syrup would be better. Made them for our tea, and it's very filling after just 6 of them. It lasted all the way past my dinner time. I felt so full till I just had a bowl of soup for my dinner. What a powerful pancakes!

Would like to share some feeling issue with my readers ( my positive mind set readers) . Lately there has been some challenge in my life and I seek advice from my Parenting teacher who teachers us how lead a positive and happy life. If any one of you had ever read the book 'Secret' then you will know what I am talking about.

In general what we learn in her class is - ' The Law of Attraction' good attracts good, bad attracts bad... something sound so simple yet difficult to practice. Before I attend this class, I was once who always blame others for the mishap in my life, and hold on to grudges which is something definitely not going to help my life moving any better! Like most people always say '' Don't cry over a spilled milk'' ! Instead of putting so much energy into something which not going to make any 'U turn' and do you good, why not GET A LIVE and channel your negative energy to something works better for you?? If for those who share the same thought, I am sure you have a bunch of great company ( with positive energy)and your family members are always lead a blissful lives.... That's why you see  people who share the same energy would always be buddy and they do the same thing. A good example like all the food bloggers here! The food energy pull us together and we share... This is all about that ' energy' we have with us.

It is easy said than done, I know! But for our own sake, I see no reason why we should stay in that tunnel that you think it's forever dark and endless. MOVE!!! You will see changes and all good things shall come after you with unexpected surprise! Ultimately we have to be honest to ourselves. Stop blaming is the first step to move forward before you see the light.

I am still learning.... my teacher always say this '' Don't try to change others ( you never will), but yourself, before you see others change.'' Adopt a positive energy and it's FREE!!


Mel said…
I like what you have written here. You are right, it is easy to said than done but if we stay in positive mind and move on, we can go on being as a healthy and living as a happy person. I have once read a proverbs written in Chinese "If you can't see eye to eye of a person, maybe it is time you should reflect of your character first." Would you agree with me on this?
Cosy Bake said…

I can't agree with you more! If a person bear with him or her hatreds and that would be what the person will keep getting in her life. Simply because that is what she has been focusing on. Therefore she attracts the same thing( hatreds) over and over throughout her life! Everything happened to us is all about our choice in life, if things gone wrong, we will only have ourselves to blame. No body else should take this up. So the only thing is to reflect and change for a better. We must face the truth and get a better future! :)
Anonymous said…
I think Joel Osteen's book is the best book that I ever read. It helps me to overcome alot of negativities. Theresa
Cosy Bake said…

Thanks for sharing... I would love to read it up too!
hanushi said…
This is a v encouraging post. I must keep it in mind. Thanks for sharing. :)

Baby pancakes certainly v yummy looking and the pancake pan is so interesting!! :)

Btw, I would like to ask, whether you have any video/tutorial that you will recommend me on bread kneading by hand. Would like to learn how to make bread these days. Cheers.
Cosy Bake said…

here is the video from Nisshin website where I learnt my very first bread making, and it's all started from there. Hope it'd be as useful for you.


Hello Cosy Bake / Honey Bake

You just got my bum off the sofa! I started my blog as a way to get me to do more of what I would like to do in life. I am a frequent visitor of your site and a while ago you gave me a lovely recipe of a Rum cake that I was looking for. I am yet to bake it and I will share the outcome with you :).

As always, everything you make not just looks tasty but it is presented in such an attractive and seductive way that I wish I could grab your winners right out of the pictures.

Thanks for the inspiration!
hanushi said…

Yes!! The video is extremely useful and fantastic, showing exactly step by step what I need to do for bread kneading.

Many thanks again for taking your time to search them out and share with me.

Hugs and cheers!
Cosy Bake said…

you are too kind with your word, and I really appreciate it! My photo taking skill is far from good! And I need more pretty dishes and cutlery to help me for the presentations. What a shame! he he.... If you ever tried a type of french dessert/cake, called Canale, the rum cake I posted upon your request is pretty close to that.

Hear from you soon ya? Happy baking!


Hey, you are most welcome! We bloggers are here to share and help each other. :) I will try my best to get the info as far as I can. So
I am happy to know the video is helpful to you. I shall see some bread post from you soon!!
Elyn said…
Thanks for sharing! I particularly like this quote "Don't try to change others ( you never will), but yourself, before you see others change." Instead of sitting down there to think what this happen, take the time to think of a solution and move on :)
Cosy Bake said…

Great to know you are one of us! You shall have a wonderful life ahead.
Edith said…
Thanks for sharing. Indeed needed some positive energy.
Cosy Bake said…

YOu are most welcome! I am still practicing to be positive as much as I could. The world would be peaceful if everyone could see the point being positive....
yin said…
Hi, incidentally, I was just reread the book again, having reading it some years back for the first time. But it's not easy to pracitice, really, especially when you keep attracting things which you do not want, sigh. I am still trying... Hopefully, I will be able to generate enough powerful positive energy to attract the good! Btw, I just read your post on the twin wheel bread mould and called up PH. But they ran out of stock already, so sad... I have been wanting to get the mould for a very long time....sob sob....

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