Capuccino Bun かプチノ パン

I thought I read the name of this bun wrongly.... But it is indeed named 'Cappuccino Pan' in the book. A book that I bought few months back and have yet to have time to sit down and slowly look through it. Realize the book is very good and with lots of nice and beautiful bread/pan to make. With a short interval of not reading the Japanese recipe books, I found myself started to lose some of the ability to read the language. Of course this is not a permanent damage. I get it 'running' again soon after few days of flipping through the book.

This is actually a cinnamon roll with a coffee bread base. Compared to the normal cinnamon rolls that I have made, this seems to have a more compact and chewy crumb, yet it has that smooth and cottony feel when it's still warm. So the trick to enjoy the bun after a day later is to warm it up a little bit before eating it. I think it is best to go with a cup of tea or coffee for a lazy afternoon.


Bread Flour    200g
Instant Coffee Powder   1 1/2 Tbsp
Instant dried yeast   4g
Sugar   25g
butter    40g
Egg yolk   1
Milk   120ml
Salt   2g


Melted butter  10g
Cinnamon  sugar  


1. Mix all ingredients together to a rough and sticky dough. Continue to knead the dough till it's smooth and springy.

2. Cover the dough and let it rise in a warm place till it gets to double the volume.

3. Dust the work top with a little flour and roll out the dough to a rectangular and spread the dough with little melted butter. Sprinkle over cinnamon sugar, and roll up the dough like a Swiss roll. Cut dough into 8 rings and let them rise on baking tray for about 40 minutes.

4. Bake the dough in pre heated oven at 180'c for 10-12 minutes.

5. Sprinkle some cinnamon powder and sugar if you wish after the buns are baked.


Anonymous said…
Wow!!Amazing. You can read Japanese. Your buns look so cute and yummy. Make me so hungry now. Theresa
Cosy Bake said…

Thanks! I am not able to read 100% of Japanese, but good enough to grasp the meaning on most cook books. I am still learning.....
Amelia said…
Delicious bun, must be very fragrant when just out from the oven, yum yum
Mel said…
I will bookmark this Capuccino Bun! Thanks for posting. I've been waiting for weeks now for your next post of recipe.
Cosy Bake said…

I find it smells more cinnamon than coffee. But it was delicious though. My son would not stop at one.


Oh I must say I am very glad to know you were looking forward to my post and sorry I have kept you waiting so some times:/ in fact I have a couple of back lot I have yet to post.... Do try this out!
Hankerie said…
Honey boy, nicely done of this pan. I also made similar pan but with cheese and bacon. I will post it at my later blog.
Edith said…
now I know who I can turned to for japanese translation.
Cosy Bake said…
Wa, Edith 你这么看得起我啊!! Hahah... Will try my best to help thoug. :)

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