Chocolate & Oat Baguette

               A new recipe I have never tried before, and the result was really out of my expectation!

           Added a little chocolate filling in the bread give an extra taste and texture.

I supposed not many people would think of having chocolate flavour when comes to baguettes. However, I did it simply because a friend of mine is so fond of the brown bread from Cheese Cake factory in the US where they serve this sweet brown bread ( most people call it) that doesn't taste anything chocolate at all. She brought some for me to try hoping I could figure out what the brown baguette actually made of. So I thought give the chocolate a try, but my baguette taste like CHOCOLATE BAGUETTE. So the possibility of chocolate is OUT!!

Next thing I could think of would be Molasses sugar. But that I will have to work out a totally new recipe as molasses has kind of sticky texture.... Do wish me luck ya!!

Is anyone of you out there do have an idea what could I make my baguette brown( really brown) and sweet, do help me out with it please. Thanks!


Your #1 Fan said…
Oooo, I love the bread from Cheesecake Factory too. Always fresh, warm, and delicious.
Your baguette looks really nice, just like the restaurant (only better, cause it is homemade).
The color could be from molasses or powdered caramel (just guessing =P).
Good luck trying out.
Kitchen Corner said…
I really curious about the texture. Is it crisp at the outside and remain a soft crumbs? I tried few recipes before, but the outcome is quite disappointment. So, ended up I always get baguette from bakery shop :(
You're tempting me with your baguettes! I just love baguettes as compared to any other bread, so are my kids. I've not made any baguettes before, will prob try it one day.
Cosy Bake said…
Thanks Jet, I will definitely wanna try using molasses... My last try of cheesecake factory was more than 5 years ago, really have not much memory of how the brown bread taste like.

Kitchen Corner,

I must say this is the best recipe i ever tried and really happy with it! The crust was a very fragrance and quite crispy though not as crispy as those selling outside. But I love the crumbs. It's really really soft like the white loaf I
always make!

Blessed homemaker,
I was once not too confident when comes to making baguette . But not any more!!
Joyti said…
That's so delicious-looking. Especially the chocolate interior.
Sorry I can't help you with browning tips...not a bread-baker :(

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