Berry Berry Pie

The second pie made for the BBQ. The vibrant colour of the strawberries will never fail to attract people's eyes.

Both berries made a great marriage for the pie be it the colours or the taste. Couple with the custard cream that is smooth and creamy...... I am one weird lady who loves the pie crust most!!


Wen said…
The tart looks so lovely with the creamy custard and berries!
Your #1 Fan said…
The pie is just beautiful. And mmm mmm...berries + custard cream + pie crust = heavenly.
Thanks for sharing.
i like the overall appearance of the pie (: so nice and fresh looking (: YUMMY! (: (:
Cosy Bake said…
Thanks Sweetylicious!
hanushi said…
I love the layout... it looks so appetiting... agree that strawberry and blueberry makes a lovely pair. :)
Bakericious said…
this is a pretty tart and looks delicious with the fruits and creamy custard.

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