Pan.Pi Ko

Love the cottony soft crumb.


A basket of butter rolls for breakfast is one of the most heart warming sight. I have mentioned so many times about how much I love butter rolls since I started my food blog. Yet, I am still doing it!! Well, this time it comes in two different looks. Too bad, that I have no idea what is the right / actual name for this spiky look butter roll, except just directly translated from the Katakana stated on the book. If anyone who knows what is it called, do help me out....

After the buns are baked, I was kind of deeply regretted that I egg brushed the dough before baking, and resulted in that bubbly finishing. Should have just brush them on with just some butter after they were baked! Nevertheless, they still taste absolutely great!.


hanushi said…
Nice bread roll... The spikes look very interesting! :)

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