Simple Whole Meal Loaf

This may not be my first blogging of whole meal loaf/bread. For those who prefer to have something healthy, this should be the bread to go for. I won't say it's a fantastic taste, but it's sure a good choice for a loaf of whole meal. It's pretty soft consider it has a higher ratio of whole meal flour than the usual one I've made. This is a heavier loaf, yet comes with a soft sponge. I expected it to be something hard and dense.
During the making of the dough, I have to say, this is an 'Unfriendly' dough to handle. I had to really knead it by hands for good 20 minutes before it comes together to have that none sticky and springy dough. So for those who wants to have a good workout, this is the dough to go for!!
Whole Meal Flour (coarse milled) 100g
Bread Flour 150g
Instant Yeast 3g
Salt 5g
Sugar 10g
Warm Water 200ml
Butter 5g
1. With a Stand mixer, mix all dried ingredients with water and knead to a rough dough, followed by butter.
2. When butter is well blended into the dough, bring dough to work top and continue to knead by hands for 20 minutes till dough becomes none sticky and springy. Cover the dough and let it rise for 1 hour or reach double the volume.
3. Bring dough on to work top and give it a gentle kneading then form it to a ball shape and let it rest for about 15 minutes. (cover with wet cloth)
4. Roll the dough flat and roll it up like Swiss roll and put in the bread tin for the final rise. It'll take another hour or the dough rise up to 80% high of the bread tin. Bake the bread at 200'c for 30 minutes. Bring bread out to cool on wire rack after it's baked.


Hi Honey Boy
Saw your blog and you have many Japanese ingredients. Good...I also love Japan.

Shall visit your blog often.
Do you read Nihon go?

: )
Cosy Bake said…
HI Irene,

Nice to know you are Japanese 'Lover' too! I can read a little of Nihon... All my bake are from the Japanese recipe books I have.

I am so so glad you like my blog. Hope to see you leave more comments on my blog. And share with me your baking knowledge ok? I'll add you on my blog list too. Cheers!

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