Fondant Cake

My very first fondant cake ever! I job shared between me and a girl friend of mine. She was asked to make this cake for a cosmetic company's 75th anniversary celebration, and I couldn't believe that we actually took up the job! Looking back, I think we were very brave. We almost gave up the job as we had problem with the wordings required on the cake. As it was a rather short notice order, we didn't have enough time to source for the precise letters that the client requested. But we were so so lucky that her hubby has a pair of fantastic hands that managed to help up to deliver the request. Phew!!!! I must say ''Thank you Eggy!!'' ( her hubby's nickname)
I am very very happy with the final result consider I have absolutely no experience for making fondant cakes. However, my girl friend who's very keen in fondant cake making, and here we are.... I think there will be more fondant cake making for me in time to come. :)


Cosy Bake said…
Blessed HOmemaker,

Thanks. But there more awesome fondant cakes around. Mine is just a very simple one. However, I'm pleased with the result.

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