Hokkaido, a place that is rich in agriculture , farming is their pride , that they have 200% supply to the locals and to the rest of Japan as well as exportation! Even the locals are having their very own little farm /garden in their backyard. They grow their strawberry, pumpkin, cabbage, sweet corn, tomatoes... simply the best produce from home to home. Though the place is six months white, and six months clear. It definitely bear the best out of each season. My last visit before this was about 14 years ago, and it was about the same period and I always enjoy the white. As I love cold more than the heat!  

A trip that certainly enjoyed to the fullest, and makes us missing its every bit till today. I am so blessed to have my schoolmate who is now living there and running a tour company, therefore I was certain that I would have an unforgettable trip. For those who may be keen to take a family trip there ( oh, you should!) Do give this guy a buzz, as he will arrange a great package for you and your family. (Hokkaido Travel Partner .
 Mr. Keigo Cheong. Tel: 090-9430-0208, Email: enquiry@hokkaidotravelpartner ) 

We were having all the time to ourselves, without having to rush from one destination to another, as we had our own car, tour guide cum driver. We had the Onzen ( Hot Spring) hotels during our stay, with breakfasts and dinners was awesome!! I tasted the real freshness of Hokkaido!

                                                                    Lake Toya

                                      This ice cave is build buy the water of Lake Toya. Amazing Experience!

The seaweed in between the icicles gave the cave a natural scent of the lake and that freshness of green. 
and what more, some of the frozen salmons from the lake!! What a piece of art indeed.

                    Noboribetsu National Park. One of the popular attractions. among the hot spring towns.

A breathtaking view at the hotel lobby.

Night view

Super fresh and sweet shrimps. I could just it them all day !

Hokkaido is famous of their sweet corn. And I really mean SWEET corn. The corn soup is made from their local produce. The smooth and creamy texture.......

                                             Simple and healthy Japanese breakfast choice.

                                                             Bear farm at Shin San

The smartest bears ever!! They literately beg for apples that in our hands! That was the highlight of the visit. Any child would just refuse to leave this place. Which I could totally understand why.

                                                 A vending machine that sells bear cookies.

It started to snow heavily and we had blizzard throughout the day. Yet, this little boy refused to leave the farm. 

Rusutsu Ski Resort

Dog sledge for my 6 year old. It was absolutely cool!!

Bonjour, Lisa!!

                                          Took a break  at the mall after all the snow activities.

                                                          Jozankei Onzen Hotel

One of the most popular hot spring hotels in Jozankei. We were given a  private Onzen session for about an hour all to ourselves, followed by a sumptuous dinner spread.This is the real holidays I was looking for!

Kid's menu



May I have the tour guide contact..as I am planning to bring my mom to visit Hokkaido in Autumn, to fulfil her dream, hehehe..Thanks for sharing.
Rumbling Tummy said…
I always wish I can visit one day but hubby wasn't keen as we preferred self drive than tour package as they are always rushing us. Will def buzz you for contact when the time comes. This is a perfect arrangement.
Anonymous said…
You are so blessed. Your pictures are so lovely and picturesque.
鲸鱼蓝蓝蓝 said…
Cosy Bake said…

Edith, Sonia,

I am going post the tour guide contact now! Sorry I missed that out.
Sorry, is he Singaporean or Japanese?
Cosy Bake said…
Sonia, he is a Malaysian! You may wanna email him in Chinese.

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