Hokkaido ii

 River Monsters.

Dipping your feet in the hot spring, could be the best thing to do at this snowy season. 

A little hot spring for your hot spring boiled eggs.

 We took a walk along the street just outside the hotel, there's a small temple, and next to it, there is a hot spring for feet soaking, which it suppose to heal many illness.

Testing out the water temperature. OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, the water is a lot hotter than those we soaked in.

 Japanese children's day for girls display stand.

                                                                On our way to Otaru.

Past by a huge lake on our way to Otaru, and we could see there were fishing enthusiasts camp on the frozen lake. 

Daddy explains what that sign means.....

                                                                      Otaru canal

 Musical box house

                                            Le Tao- The best Japanese Double cheese cake!!!!

Places where you and I would not wanna miss. 

Red bean soft cream and milk soft cream + custard cream puffs.

The famous 'Kuih Lapis' of Hokkaido. Look at the generous taste portions!

I was hoping I could buy some of the cream puff......... 

Sundae is called Soft Cream in Hokkaido. And it is the best sundae in the world ( to me). Merely 3 hours in Otaru, we had 5 soft creams!! I did feel a little guilty to be honest. But it simply too good to resist!! What the hxxx, I would not mind to put on some pounds for the heavenly creamy, milky, smooth Soft cream!! 

                                                   Sweetst and freshest shell food.

                                                            Le Tao cake house

When you go Otaru, you may miss the BBQ sea food, even miss the soft cream. But, please do not leave Otaru without Le Tao's double cheese cake!

                                                              Chocolate factory

                                                         Ramen street at Sapporo
Why is the a basket of boiled eggs? And it's free of charge!!!According to my friend, the egg is suppose to cleanse our palette to have a better taste of their Ramen soup base.

                                                                    Salt soup base ramen

Their specialty- Miso soup Ramen. Love the noodle's texture and the rich soup base. This will always be my choice!


鲸鱼蓝蓝蓝 said…
Hi, could you confirm the tour guide email address (Email: enquiry@hokkaidotravelpartner), i got error message-email incomplete when trying to send him email.
Please advise. Thanks.
Cosy Bake said…
Sorry Sonia,

I have double checked the mail add. It was correct according to the name card I have .

May be you go through face book?

Let me know if you have problem getting in touch with him.
Hey, just to drop by to tell you that I am now contacting your friend and we are going thru the itinerary and price. Thanks for the info.

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