Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Zebra Coffee Cake

Loaded these pictures as a draft more than two weeks ago, but totally forgot about writing something and share the recipe. Sorry for some readers who was wondering will I be sharing....

In fact, it's my first time making this Zebra cake, though it has been in my to do list for quite a while, since the heat of making this Zebra effect (cake) was going around attacking many bloggers, and yet I am forever 慢三拍 ( delayed)!!! There a few more delayed posts that is still in my draft which have yet to be completed, and they were quite a big heat among the home bakers too! And yes, it's that 'Deadly Contagious ' Ogura cake!! Hope have can get it done really soon and post it on.

There is no special recipe for this Zebra cake actually. I was using recipe from Passion Fruit Rose Cake recipe and took a portion of its batter and mix with 2 table spoons of thick coffee in order to create the Zebra effect. In a 6 inch round cake tin, I simply spoon in each different cake batter one after another till all the batter are being used up. You may check this out for the tutorial, for a better understanding.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Martha's Old - Fashioned Pancakes

How is everyone's weekend so far? Had your best brunch on a relax and slow pace Sunday? 
How about this soft and fluffy old fashioned pan cake, and a cuppa? Please join us!!

As usual, weekends are the days my boy would make his special requests for his favourite choice of breakfast or brunch. He loves every drop of maple syrup's fragrance and sweetness that drizzle on his pan cake. I realized I ran out of yogurt and buttermilk, which usually used in my pan cake making. And, I started searching for none yogurt/buttermilk pancake recipes. With today's convenience of internet, this will never be much of an issue for a last minutes recipe search.
Martha Stewart will always the first comes to my mind when I am in need of such thing. I have been her fan for almost 20 years, from buying her magazines issue after issue, till she has her magazine available on IPad's apps. But, keeping magazines are taking up too much space and I odd to have some kind of clearance to make room for my new 'Hobbies'. Doing it slowly, bit by bit..... looking through the pages, cutting out those that I would always wanna keep as most of her ''Good Things'' are truly good things that we can practice on our daily lives. This Old Fashioned pancakes recipe is sure to win your ( and your family) heart when you are out of ideas what to create for your Sunday brunch. The simple ingredients are sure to be ready in your pantry and fridge. When your kids make his or her special weekend requests, you will be able to impressed!!

It's time to get back to 'work'..........

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Chocolate Macarons

In the mood for some sweet thing. The challenge of making macarons is still very much in me, though the heat of making macarons seems to die down among food bloggers. Since the last two posts on Matcha macarons and Sakura macarons, I have been thinking what should I do next......

Macarons also serve as a great gift, with its pretty and elegant look. The best is having them in multi colours and that sure to win many of girls' hearts; just like little gems!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Chou a la Créme

Chou a la créme has to be one of most people's all time favourite. It's great for tea time and even supper!
We all know, Japanese make the greatest ( to me so far) cream puffs, as they have their high quality of diary products, as well as their excellent skills of making chou pastries. I remember my very first time tasting Japanese chou créme was in Tokyo, at the Narita village, where nearby the train station there stood a small little bakery shop that were forever packed with customers and not to say, it's for their famous cottony soft cream puffs! The texture of the chou pastry were simply awesome and cottony soft and light. Custard and whipped cream fillings were their best seller. I could never forget the taste and texture till today, and the sad thing is the owner no longer run the bakery due to old age. Heard from some of my ex Japanese colleague, the chef were looking for new owner to take over the business, and he was willing to pass on his skills!!!! How could I not heard about that while I was still working, I would definitely want to be his student, and carry on with the good  things which he had been sharing with us?! What a regret, and missing the cream puffs every now and then.

 This is a recipe from a Japanese cook book, that is all about cream puffs, and of course this is no where close to that cottony chou pastry like the little shop at Narita. But, I made it up with the whipping cream  from Japan and home cooked custard sauce. Other than the cottony chou pastry, I think it's quite a delicious cream puff though.

Made the custard cream with vanilla pod, that gives the natural taste and love the tiny black seeds of the vanilla! :)

Friday, October 12, 2012

Hokkaido Milk Loaf

Made this loaf with milk and cream from Hokkaido, therefore, I could really call it Hokkaido Milk Loaf!
This has been a popular loaf among all bloggers, and really grateful for the sharing of Angie.  

Friday, October 5, 2012

London 2012

This is going to be a long post, please bare with it! In stead breaking it to more than two posts, I thought just have it done in one and I shall have the rest of my mind to blog about the coming up bakes.

As the name of this pink shop, you could tell it's the cake boutique of Peggy Porschen. Diagonally across the street is her academy, where she conducts her cake decorating classes. It's a pity that I didn't get to attend any of her classes, since I was all the way there. Perhaps I should plan for my next visit. 

 We spent almost half a day at Hyde Park, a place where we really enjoyed and almost everyday we were there, be it just a passing by. Honestly, we would not have the thought of going to the park back in  Singapore, as our weather is way too hot to spend more than an hour under that scorching sun!

                                        A very unusual tree that grows downwards!
                                     Hide and seek, hide and seek, let's take a peep......

 Many were attracted by the tree and it was a great hide out for kids, they ran in and out the tree, what fun!! I have yet to find the name of the tree though.

A big lake filled with graceful swans and other birds. The joy being there for kids had to be the feeding part
!They never seem to be full, despite of all the feedings from visitor after visitors.

                                     What are these kids doing?? Waiting for someone?

They formed a team..... A feeding team for the little fella- Mr. Squirrel! 

Princess Diana Memorial Playground

At a corner of Hyde Park, where Princess Diana's memorial playground is. Crowded with children during the weekends, and it's sure a fun place for the kids and relaxing for the parents. We sat at the bench watching the children at the playground while we had our picnic lunch. Cool and refreshing air was all we needed. Do take note of the opening hours, if you plan to head there.

Drayton Manor Theme Park -Thomas land

Took a train from London to the Drayton Manor theme park (about one and a half hour) for Thomas Land fun. I am hoping this would be our last visit to the park. We shall save a day and money for some other new places.

Buckingham Palace, Changing of Guards 

Sloane Square- Weekend Market

By chance, I was looking for Laura Ashley outlet at Sloane Square area, and we chance upon the weekend market, which was not intended. it was a perfect for us, as it was lunch time, and we enjoyed their local organic produce!

                       These fresh and delicious oysters was so good. I am missing it already!

 This is the best beef burger I ever tasted. Noting too fancy, just the beef, and a big bunch of rocket leaves( I love most!). Tasty seasoning, juicy meat, full of flavor. I bet, I could never find the same stuff back home. A place sure to visit again. And we are prepared to queue!

 Regent street

Yes, we all know Regent street is a shopping street, but it is also a place with good food, which we just found a nice British French restaurant hidden along the way. 

I love the restaurant's setup. It's that elegance yet modern touch, their staff were friendly and attentive too! No wonder there were still crowd even at 2.30pm. We waited for almost 20 minutes before we got our table, and yet their popular dish was sold out!

                                         Another good beef burger, after Sloane Square.
                                                  Duck egg with asparagus salad

                                                     Chocolate Gateau

                                                   Coffee with vanilla Macaron

Day trip to Bath, Salisbury and Stonehenge

 A small cafe selling their famous scones. They were very kind to let me take a picture from their cafe.

 We end the trip with a sweet note, this cup cake galore was taken at Harrods food hall, where everything was about the Queen Jubilee celebrations.


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