Pandan Chiffon

Pandan chiffon cake, is one of the cakes that most of us grew up with. Converted the recipe from Matcha to this Pandan flavored chiffon, I am happy with the result. Though, some may find it a little light on the coconut milk taste. Using pure pandan juice from fresh pandan leaves does make a great difference, compare to the paste in the bottle. I gained the taste, but lost the 'Look'. Was very tempted to add a drop or two of the pandan paste, but I retracted and no regrets! It's still green, and  good fragrance. Every time I make this cake, I stink of my grandma..... I miss you Ah Ma!


hi, nice chiffon!
i also bake a blueberry chiffon, let's exchange ^^
Cosy Bake said…
Yes, let exchange!

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