Eating Trip - Hong Kong

Well well well.... I am oh so late for this post. I have been not well for more than a week and had to attend a cake deco seminal in Malaysia for a week, which was really tiring and rather stressful. Thank god, hubby was really caring and took few days leave to go with me, at the same time he took care of our little one while I attend the course. I am glad to know they had good time there. 

Some where mid of March, we made an eating trip to Hong Kong, and stayed with our friend's. We were so blessed to have them brought us around for all the good food and experience. Though Hong Kong is not a new place for us. But each time we enjoy it to the fullest! 

This is a Dim Sum place called 翠园, it's under the Maxim's group. We enjoyed very bit of the dimsum. But to have a table there, is something you have to learn - Patience!!! AGAIN  we were lucky that we could make reservation without taking that long queue number, as our friend have his company annual dinner there and therefore, we were exempted.......

                  The highlight of the DimSum was this gigantic Puffy rice ball! My son had a lot of fun 'Breaking ' it up. Something Mochi like, in the puff rice ball. But, it was way too sweet for us to finish up.                          

Baked Char Siew Bao

A shop selling homemade pickle dried fruits. Which I think they make very good sour plums. It doesn't have that chemical after taste. 

金华茶餐厅 is one of the well known place for tourists and the locals. But we ( me and our Hong Kong friends) find it not as original when comes to their egg tarts and 波箩包。This place is at Mong Kok Bute Street, for those who may be interested. 

The really good and yummy Polo bun is here at Sai Kung, this little cafe at the corner.

Hot buns from the oven!! they go really fast!!!!!

They are famous for their Portugal egg tarts too. 

                                                     Some of their cake displays

We bought some live seafood for our dinner to cook at home........
It was quite an experience for my son, though this is not his first time there. His favorite at this moment are things under the sea. This is something that we can't have back in Singapore.

雪糕车!How many of us seen this during our childhood? The twinkling music from the ice cream van simply makes us feel like a kid again.

A cookie shop along the shops at Sai Kung. Apparently they are very popular, and even had interview from the media. 

Pork ribs steam rice. Best rice dish  in the world!!!

                云吞面: 虾子捞面, 鲜虾云吞汤面。another famous noodle ,平记云吞面。it's situated at   大埔market place where the hawker foods are.


Quay Po Cooks said…
What a wide spread of yummy food. Must be a fantastic eating trip
Jobless Girl said…
Wow, food paradise.
Jobless Girl said…
Wow, food paradise.
Cosy Bake said…
I have more pix to post actually. Will try to do it before I off for my three week holidays .....
lena said…
i havnt seen or heard about that puffy rice balls! so big!! wonder how they do it..

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