Eating Trip - Hong Kong II

I know I have to finish this post before our long holidays, and yet I have not done with my packing!! I feel this is little crazy and yet lost some kind of excitement to have long trip, one after another within short period of time, since our last KL trip. 
It was exactly a year since our last Europe trip. And this time I am better prepared with our itineraries, try not to miss too many from my 'wishlist'. See if I could visit more 'Branded' boulangeries, which are now a  heat things in Singapore, like Maison Kayser....  . Of course there so many more this fantastic boulangeries in Paris. I have visited a few last year while I was there, and looking forward to go back again for their specialties!! I told hubby that I will be walking more, instead of taking their Metro or RER ( Paris subway system), so that I could eat more and BURN more!!! I know I sound like a glut, but this is what I love in life besides baking and cake deco!! There more things like markets, baking tools shops..... Mmmm, guess the excitement is back already! 

This is the pace where they serve really authentic 菠萝包, flaky egg tarts and Hong Kong Style milk tea. It's situated at 大埔, a place would always be crowded during weekdays breakfast hours. It is a 24 hours Hong Kong style 茶餐厅 ( cafe). I love their caramel soy sauce fried noodles too! 

                                         Flaky and smooth egg tarts, something cannot miss.

Plain rice roll with seasoned soy sauce.

Their famous Polo Bun with butter /  菠萝油。 I will not leave Hong Kong without it!

Fried dough sticks wrap with rice roll / 炸两。

Set breakfast.

                                                 Caramel soy sauce fried noodles.

A trip that also brought us an unexpected veggie harvesting experience. Our friend has a farm next to their parents' home at 元领. They have a wonderful helper who has green fingers and picked up gardening / farming after few months working with them, as our friend's dad had been doing all the gardening/ farming all his life. They grow different types of vegetables according to the seasons. During the early month of the year, there are still some radish and lettuces left in the farm, waiting for us to pluck! It was a really fun and great experience for us, since in we hardly get such a opportunity in Singapore.

On the way to the farm........ With his best pull............ 嘿哟嘿哟拔萝卜!

Love the green of this crunchy lettuce. Had the freshest harvest of our own for dinner, and it was really special to us. 

                                        This strawberry may be small, but it was so juicy and sweet!                                                      

                                  With the full basket of radish and lettuce, it was a basket of joy too.

                                    Have a good wash, before turning them into carrot cakes!

I learnt how to make carrot cake with all these sweet and juicy radish, after we gone back to the apartment. will not forget how tasty it was and I will definitely wanna make my own carrot cakes for next year's Chinese new Year!

I shall see if I will be able to update my blog while I am away, and to share my new founds. Cheers my dear friends!!


hanushi said…
Are you going for another long trip? Take care Honeyboy and have fun! :)
Cosy Bake said…
Yes dear, taking a long trip this time. Thanks and you take good care too ya!

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