Snow Ball

Almond cookies that looks has a Christmasy feel that could come in many other flavors. Eat it without the 'Snow' I find it rather not as tasty, I guess that is the reason of having the 'Snow' on it, which serve both taste and its look purposes.Nothing can be more simple to do this cookies. Everyone could do it at home without much hassles. However, it does create some mess during eating though. ;)


Butter   55g
Caster Sugar  20g

Low Gluten flour  75g
Almond Powder   40g
Half a stick of Vanilla pod ( use the seed inside)


1. Cream butter in a mixing bowl. Add in sugar and whisk till pale and creamy.

2. Add in vanilla n mix well. Sift in dry ingredients, and mix well. Form a cookie dough. keep the dough in the fridge for an hour. (wrap in cling film)

3. Bring out the dough and roll it into bite size balls. Bake in pre heated oven for 10 mins at 160'c.

4. Dust icing sugar while the cookies are warm.


hanushi said…
Is this also called Mexican wedding cookies? I haven't tried this before. :) I also feel with snowy white dusting, more Christmas feel. Hehe...
Cosy Bake said…

I don't think this is Mexican wedding cookies though. But it is somewhat similar, just that the cookie textures are different. I have blog about Mexican cookie before though.

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