Bacon and Cheese Soft Epi, And Baby Cinnamon Rolls

This Epi (Wheat) looks kind of  skinny!

Savoury and sweet buns for every one's taste.  

Yes, I am aware that usually bacon Epi made using french bread,but, frankly both hubby and I are not quite fancy with the hard crust unless it's the plain baguette or country loaf. We just wanna enjoy the soft and little sweet dough to go with the bacon and cheese. And Epi the 'wheat' can be in hard or soft bread form. So who cares?! Since my boy has yet to learnt to be a fan of bacon and cheese bun, I spared some of the dough to make his baby cinnamon roll, which he loves to eat them with a spread of chocolaty Nutella.  I guess all are happy with their choices, in a cool and bright morning.   


Bread Flour  250g
Milk   80g
Warm Water 80ml
Sugar  25g
Salt   3g
Egg yolk  1
Instant dried yeast   3g
Unsalted Butter  25g


Bacon 2 strips
Pizza Cheese desire amount
Cinnamon sugar.

1. Except butter, mix all the ingredients to form a rough dough, then add in butter and knead till the dough become smooth and springy.

2. Cover the dough to let it rise for one hour or reach 2.5 times bigger.

3. Bring dough out on work top and deflate the air, reshape to a ball and let dough relax for 15 minutes.

4. Divide dough into desire portion for both Epi and cinnamon roll.

5. To make Epi; roll out a dough flat and wrap in bacon and cheese, then roll up the dough like Swiss roll and seal the ends. Use a scissors and cut along the dough about 3/4 deep in the dough and each cut portion place to the left and right directions all the down to form a shape of  wheat.

6. For baby cinnamon roll ; roll put he dough flat , brush on some soft butter and sprinkle on with cinnamon and sugar, then roll up like Swiss roll. Cut the rolled dough with depth of 3/4 in three parts, then turn each cut portion out facing upwards.

7. Leave the shaped dough in a warm place and let them rise for 40 minutes.

8. Bake dough in pre heated oven at 180'C for 12-15 minutes.


Oh, it's Epi again! I've not tried my hands on bread since my bread machine died. Hands feeling itchy now
Cosy Bake said…
Hahah... BH, this is not the French bread Epi though, but I prefer this soft bun version . If you have a stand mixer, would do too!
I worry my mixer die leh... Cos my previous mixer, I used it to make ice cream, it overworked and konked out.
Cosy Bake said…
Stand mixer usually very hardy, shouldnt be that 'fragile'. What brand was your stand mixer?

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