I was in the mood of making cuppies, hence I made these for my son's schoolmate's birthday celebration. Happy Birthday Chloe!

                    Having 12 of them sat in a cupcake box make them look even more attractive.

                               Roses with pink pearly, what a soft touch.......

A baking session I had with a sweet girl who wanted to make some cuppies to surprise her boyfriend who will celebrate his birthday tomorrow. She wants to show her love and thought through these sweet pretty cupcakes. I am so glad she is pleased with the end result.


CaThY said…
Very pretty cuppies you have! *^_^*
twinkie said…
hi, your cupcakes are so beautiful!! i love the sweet pastel color icing..

can i ask if the icing is buttercream? it looks like it will melt? cuz alittle bit glossy looking. does the shape stay in room temp?
Honey boy said…
Thanks Cathy! :)

Hi twinkie,

Yes it's buttercream. This cream is the homemade buttercream that has softer texture and it could hold up the shape quite well. However it's not good for hot weather though.
Honey boy, you have made so pretty cupcakes.
Honey boy said…

Thanks dear. yes, I enjoyed making them oretty much!
Happy Flour said…
Very lovely cuppies. :)
Honey boy said…
Thanks Happy Flour!

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