What time is it? It's time for Brunch!

             Baked Cheddar Cheese potatoes simply the perfect sight for a wholesome home cooked brunch.

Bought two books couple months back, while my boy was having his piano lesson. Friend told me it's so dangerous to have 'Free Time' while our kids are not with us, and we are freed to room about and always end up with some shopping! I totally agree with her and I am consider myself lucky that I am addicted to cook books these days, rather than something else that are more 'Dangerous' ! I knew that I had promised myself not to have anymore addition of cook books, as I really have loads of them, be it in English, Chinese or Japanese. Even I don't go around book shops, I still do it on the internet. Hubby simple give up on me!! But, every time I made use of the cook book and he gets to enjoy the food, he'd just give some complements and hope there shall not be any more cook books, and told me to stick to the bunch I already have. Alright, I am really trying my very best.......

From the book ; Café Brunch, it's quite new in local market I am suppose, by a Korean lady - Parandal. The book is being translated by a Taiwanese publisher into Chinese version, so many of us are able to understand and SPEND MORE MONEY!!!  I really love the presentation and of the menu. There are so many more I would love to try them out. I think it's quite a good thing to be given as a gift too! HEheh.... Christmas is coming dear foodie friends!! Ho ho ho!

Go get the book, and share your thoughts ya!!


Alice said…
i drool just by reading your post... baked cheddar cheese potatoes! *slurp!
ha said…
Do u think using stand alone cupcake molds are better or those flower type which u need to put into metal molds to hold their shape ?

Wat kitchen mixer brand if I want to use for making cakes ? Besides kitchen aid which is too expensive for me
Cosy Bake said…
It's really up to individual what kind of cup to use..

I always think if you are a serious baker, you should invest in a heavy duty stand mixer that can last you a life time and allows you to achieve many types of bakes that require high performance mixer. You may wanna find out Kenwood? They seems to have more veriaty of levels in their models.
ha said…
Ok, thanks...just that I don't wanna invest on something too expensive which later I dun make use of fully, get what I mean ?

One last question, I see bakers using paddle beaters for mixing n some use the funny shape one like hexagon type..which one shd I use when recipe says 'beat' n which shd I use when it says 'whisk'?
Cosy Bake said…
I don't refer to the words beat and whisk to decide which attachment to use. By experience and understanding after some times of baking, you will know which is the correct one to use. Usually creaming of batter/cream will use the paddle attachment, and when you need volume to bring in air to batter, you will use the balloon whisk.

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