Matcha Azuki Roll Cake

The RIGHT one!

In the crave of green tea dessert. Not something new in my blog, but it's many cake crazes' favourite. Since I finished with my matcha powder which I bought from Japan sometimes back, I have tried out different matcha powder that are available in Singapore. But, I couldn't find one that is with real / authentic taste and gives a good green in my bakes. I have tried the one selling at our local supermarkets ( bakes turn out with yellowish green), Sun Lik bake shop's, which they claim theirs imported from Japan( Good green, but not quite green tea taste). Finally, I found the RIGHT one!!  Can forget about the one selling at Phoon Huat, which has a weird smell / taste, it may give a beautiful green, but , no thanks! I was like obsessed with hunting down Matcha powder for the past two weeks, till I found it at Liang Court. Happy, very very happy with it! Love the fluffy and spongy texture!! You may get the recipe here.

 Three of them are from the same brand. From the right(empty can now), which I bought from Japan, specially for baking use, perfect! Center packet is what I am using currently. Left bottle is the one we could get from any local supermarket, it has the right taste, but, the colour simply too yucky.

The one in the glass bottle, I bought from Sun Lik. Good colour, but not quite right with matcha taste. The one in the packet, is just an ordinary green tea powder drink, with authentic taste, but bakes turnout in yellowish green.


Joceline Lor said…
Well done...this roll cake look nice!
Edith said…
mmm this roll is intense with green tea. Love that hue.
Anonymous said…
the swiss roll looks great! actually have been a silent reader for quite some time..your blog is great! may i ask if you bought the green tea powder from Meidiya? i went to look for it yesterday but couldn't find it. is it in the coffee/tea section? i even showed the staff the picture but the lady said she had not seen it before....


DG said…
Pretty roll. Thanks for sharing this info :)
Cosy Bake said…

The matcha powder is selling at a counter right in front of the travelator where you come up from the car park. Sorry, I did not give a clear instruction for the stall. According to the lady, they do have a counter at Takashimaya basement food hall too. But I am not sure if they carry this matcha powder though. Sorry again .... I was there thus afternoon, and still see the matcha powder selling there.
Anonymous said…
no worries.. i should have asked you first bf going:) i too was looking for a good matcha powder after Meidiya stopped carrying the one i used. so i thought they have replaced that one with this one... will go and look for it again next week. thks for the infor:)

Dear S,

I enjoyed seeing your blog and your beautiful cakes. Radhika
bossacafez said…
how much is the one you're currently using? i used to be happy with the one in a can coz its nice and easily available but lately i find it rather coarse. not sure if the standard has dropped or something but i always get this strange residue at the bottom when i make latte or pudding with it. didn't use to have this problem in the past so i think its time to make a switch :-/
Cosy Bake said…

The current one I paid $18 for it, it's definitely one of the more expensive ones in Singapore but, I definitely will go for it as the taste n texture are really good. I know what you are referring to. The residue is like small small vanilla beans that sits at the bottom of the dessert right?
bossacafez said…
the residue is like when you drink milo and theres a cocoa powder residue towards the end, something like that and not vanilla bean specks kind. not sure why. anyhow $18 is quite reasonable! its bigger than the 40g can right? luckily you mentioned its from a counter else i would go right into meidi-ya too lol. but i think i'll go hunt for it at takashimaya since its more accessible for me. can't wait!!
Cosy Bake said…

It's 50g pack. Update me with the result, how you like it ya!
Anonymous said…
hi, i saw this matcha powder selling here where i m located and the pricing is about $20 over in singapore dollars equivalent..but its not the same brand as yours..

may i know what else can i do with the matcha powder as i m not sure if i can finish using it since i seldom bake..

Cosy Bake said…
Hi Anonymous,

Besides baking, if yours is the drinking matcha powder, you can always make it into green tea. As there a two types of matcha powder, for baking and drinking. So, you have to know what's yours.

The one I am using now is actually for drinking but it can be used for baking too. Wherease baking use matcha powder not so good for drinking thou. You may send me an email with the picture attached to see which / what is yours, if you have time. Happy Baking!!
Anonymous said…
hi, okay thanks..if i do buy it will show you ....really scared buy already then din use and its really wasted!!!

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