Friday, August 31, 2012

Macarons au Matcha

Another Matcha 'Wind'. ..Was thinking what to make for my boy's music teacher as teacher's day gift. This came to me, as it's not difficult to make and easy to pack them as a gift. No fuss at all!! I used salted butter for the cream filling, to cut down the sweetness of the macarons. That makes me miss the salted caramel macarons from Laduree.

Many of us failed making macarons for the first time, and I am no exception. Many of my cook books came with the recipes, but they didn't seem to work quite fine for me, till I look through the internet.... If you are looking for one, just try your luck to google about it.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Snow White and the Castle


Friday, August 24, 2012

Pandan Raisin Buns

Often past by some local bakeries, I would very much attracted by the gorgeous smell of the pandan raisin buns, the soft and spongy buns freshly baked from the ovens. Yes, I usually won't quite bother to buy them, since I know how the softness of the bread is achieved. And each time, I would just tell myself, I am going to make my own pandan raisin buns SOON.  

This is perfect for an afternoon tea break, to enhance it further, I like to eat it with butter. Not a fancy bun to make, just one of the basic sweet bun recipe added with pure pandan juice. Any home baker can do it with any of your favourite recipe. 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Happy Birds Wish Braden " Happy Birthday!"

Happy Birthday Braden!!

Herring Salad

A lazy and hot afternoon, eating salad would be the wise choice, since hubby brought some Herring from Amsterdam. Cos, rocket leaves and cherry tomatoes top with Caesar dressing, a perfect meal for the hot days! If  I don't remember wrongly, Ikea is selling Herring in a jar. That should be quite a good one if you are craving for it.


Herring 6 pieces
one head of cos
Rocket leaves to your desire amount
Pickled cucumber
Cherry tomatoes
Caesar dressing
Black pepper to taste.

Simply prepare all the ingredients on a big salad plate, and Bon appetite!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Sacré-Coeur .... It's London Next.

On our way up to Sacré Coeur , the white church up on the hill... It was quite a good walk from the metro station to the hill before we could see the church. Along the way, there were lots of interesting stuff to see and absolutely love the experience. It was a Sunday, and you can imagine the crowd there made up the atmosphere. A lovely place that you would wanna visit again. 


                                                          Eating places everywhere.


                                                                   A shop all about biscuits

       French Crepes


Here we are - Sacré Coeur

Moulin Rouge is just down the hill and right next to Blanche ( line 2) Metro station.


Free taste of flora tea at Hediard

Walking through the lanes at Madeleine area, attracted by the pair of linen dolls in front of a florist. How cute! Not far from the florist, where Hermés main shop is. A friend of mine was so lucky to get one of her wish lists there, Lucky girl!! 

Laduree again........

Salmon and red currants salad.

                                   Wild mushrooms and cheese omelet, big thumbs up!!

                                  Their strawberry Mille-fuille, far from my expectation.

    I have yet to see a day, Laduree has no queue. It'd be a lucky day for customers if the queue doesn't form all the way outside the door!

Next Stop - London.

We passed by Hyde Park on the cab during the journey to our apartment........

                                                       A music college........... 



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