Sunday, November 4, 2012

Ogura Cake Medley . 相思蛋糕

One of the recent and successfully baked Ogura Cake, after three failures!!  I thought for the forth trial, I'd start with very basic flavor - Vanilla Ogura, instead I risked my very precious Pandan liquid !! But, I am really glad it turned out well. I like the challenge of this whole making process, as I have been looking at other bakers' Ogura cakes, and they are oh-so pretty and neat!! I told myself, I will sure to make it part of my blog!! And I am proud to present..........My Ogura Cake Medley!!!

    Pandan Ogura Cake

Would like to thank Siew Hwei for 'Spreading the bug' and it was so so popular among food bloggers. And I know this is the kind of cake I will not miss.

                                                        Matcha Marble Ogura Cake

Coffee Marble Ogura Cake

Passion Fruit Ogura Cake

I won't stop here. There're still couple of Ogura cake flavors in my to-do list..... I"LL BE BACK!


Edith said...

I tried once and failed. Now I am motivated to keep on trying.

Honey boy said...

Yes Edith! Don't give up, you can do it!

Siew Hwei said...

Looks nice and tasty .. :)

Sweetie Yukari said...

wow, all of them look so nice.can share the recipe?

Honey boy said...


I got the rcipe from Siew Hwei's blog. Just click on her name that I mentioned in my post, you will see it.

Veronica @ Minty’sKitchen said...

Loved the texture of your ogura cake. So soft and fluffy.


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