Ginkgo Nuts and Barley Dessert

A dessert that I grew up with, till I learnt to cook it. I remember when I very young, I always helped my mother to shell the ginkgo nuts, while she prepared the rest of the ingredients, and I always looking forward to that bowl of sweet and smooth dessert to be ready. 

Now, I am a mother and a wife who often cook this dish to my family, the only difference is, my son not a fan of barley. So he would just give me a little bit of credit, and have a few sips! At the same time, this is suppose to be a 滋润养颜 dessert, that will keep the ladies look good and young. So let's have more of it! There is no particular recipe for making this dessert. I just do it with moderation of every ingredients in it. But something must not miss in this dessert, has to be the pandan leaves.


Handful of barley
50g of ginkgo but, shell and halved, remove the bit in the center
40g Bean stick (腐竹)washed and soak
6 pieces of pandan leaves
1-2 egg, lightly beaten
Rock sugar to taste


1. In a soup pot, fill about 1 liter of water together with ginkgo nuts and barley, bring to boil. Boil for about 1 hour and 15 minutes, add in bean stick. Cook till bean stick turn smooth, then add in eggs, pandan leaves. Boil for about 5 minutes, add in rock sugar, cook for another 5 more minutes or till all sugar dissolved.

2.Serve as hot dessert or can be eaten chilled.

I am submitting to to Aspiring Bakers#20: Asian dessert buffet (June 2012) hosted by Moon of Playground


Hi visiting through Aspiring Bakers. I love this kind of simple tong sui. Always so soothing and reminds me of childhood days.
Cosy Bake said…
Hi Mich,

I love this tong Sui the most. I won't stop at just one serving most of the time! Thanks for visiting!

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