Saturday, October 29, 2011

Black Forest Cake

                                 A special request by a lovely lady for her darling hubby's birthday.

                         Wish it's cherry season now, so I could use fresh cherries for decorations...

Friday, October 28, 2011

Anpanman Buns

                                                                    Say RED BEAN!!!!

The 'Goodies'in the monthly magazine pack really hard to resist, and it's really fun to have them when the kids could fix up the interesting paper toys! Through all these fun goodies, my boy learn through play. What a fun! Indeed the ideas of the goodies packed with the magazine really drive the kids to learn without them knowing. How smart!!!

Very cute little buns that would win most children's hearts. Though it's a Japanese red bean bun, but my boy didn't quite like the red bean paste in the bun. ( of course he was attracted by the cute looking Anpanman face) And he 'Ordered' another round of Anpanman that's with cheese filled in it instead of red bean. So I guess we got to call it Cheeseman pan!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Putu Ayu

Here I am joining this month's Aspiring Bakers#12 Traditional Kuih (Oct 2011) hosted by Small Small Baker.

The sweet fragrance of Pandan and coconut milk infused in a soft and light steam sponge top with fresh coconut rind. I am not quite a kuih maker, as I always find it's very challenging to achieve a good results. There are so many kuihs in my mind I'd like to try making and yet I put them on hold, till don't know one day I have right energy to go ahead! To me making kuih is some much depend on mood. I got this recipe from a book that teaches all about kuihs. I had a first trial before I managed to make this right, as I was going through the recipe, I did realize the ratio is not quite 'Workable', however, being first time making it, I followed through. And......, it didn't turn out well! So I gave it another try by adjusted the recipe hoping it'd work better. 

Original recipe as below, if anyone of you manage to make it right, please do let me know!!


3 Eggs
300g Sugar  ( I used 240g)
300g  Plain flour (I used 260g)
300ml Coconut milk ( 160g)
100ml  Pandan leaf juice 
150g coconut rind
1 tbsp  Tapioca flour
Dash of salt


1.Beat eggs and sugar till creamy and fluffy. In order, add plain flour, coconut milk, and pandan juice. Mix well.

2. Mix coconut rind, tapioca flour and salt together. Place into the base of mold and compress tight. Pour the batter in till full. Place onto steaming tray.

3. Bring water in the steamer ti boil. Place the molds in and steam for 15 minutes. Cool the kuih on wire rack.

Thomas and Friends for Dennis's Birthday

These days I have ran out of idea of buying birthday presents for the children. I thought making my own cakes would be more meaningful and unique ( I think), as there would unlikely a repetition of presents in the party. Of course, I had fun while making them!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Home Made Ten Don

   Our favourite one dish meal - Ten Don. Of course the preparation was hot, messy, oily.... but I think making it at home worth the effort and we could enjoy to the fullest when we could  have more than 2 shrimps, 2 slices of sweet pumpkin..... and for me, the most important part of this dish is the SAUCE. Why?? because I have yet to convince myself to accept using the dipping sauce as the Ten Don bowl gravy. Ten Don sauce suppose to be thick and little sweet, which it needs a long time boiling to reach the right taste and consistency. So far the only place I have had it, is at the cake shop/ cafe - Tampopo at the basement of Liang court. Where they sell the Ten Don in take away boxes. As for me, I have not reach the level of cooking my own Ten Don sauce, even though I have the recipe. But the good news is, we can buy this sauce off the shelf!!! Where?? It's available at Meidi-ya supermarket. I must tell you, I was thrilled to see the sauce selling in  bottle form and it's so convenient! Best of all, I it's available in Singapore!!!! The taste is great, and love the thick consistency. Now I have more reasons to cook Ten Don at home without paying so much to enjoy more shrimps in each bowl of our Ten Don!

After so much about the sauce, I will definitely to share the picture, since it is sooo good!!

                             For those who are ready to try this out, happy cooking and happy eating!!!!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Let's Roar On Children's day!!

A long over due post.... these little cup cakes were made for the children in my son's school couple of weeks ago. Something very very simple and no mess at all, yet the little dinos were colourfull enough to cheer the little ones! Let's roar children!!!!!!!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Chikuwa Pan

A kind of Japanese bun I had never tried before, till I baked them myself. Chikuwa = Japanese grilled fish cake. One of my favorite fishcakes, which I usually cook it with udon soup. A little sweetness in the fishcakes stuffed with tuna onion mayo, is so very Japanese, though it may not be the traditional way. I find it quite addictive as both the combination are my favorites!

This can be a full meal as a quick lunch, all I need is just a bowl of green salad with sesame dressing!

Stuffed Chikuwa:

Half a can of Tuna flakes.
3 tbsp of Japanese Mayonise
Small amount of chopped onion
7 Sticks of Chikuwa

Ingredients for Bun:

Bread Flour   250g
Milk  80g
Water  80ml
Sugar  25g
Salt   3g
Egg yolk   1
Instant Dried Yeast  3g
Butter   25g


1. Mix all ingredients to form a sticky dough, and continue to knead by hands till smooth and springy. Cover the dough and let it rise for an hour.

2. Press the dough to let out the air, and give a few gentle kneads and divide the dough into 7 portions, let the dough rest for about 20 minutes.

3. Wrap in the stuffed Chikuwa and let them rest on baking tray for another 45 minutes. Bake in pre heated oven for 11-12 minutes at 190'c.


Claudia's Birthday

Friday, October 7, 2011

Rustic Corn Bread Shaped in Corn soup Bowl

This is a bread I spent quite a while to figure out the shape of it, as I am not that well verse with Japanese just yet! At the end my son's Japanese teacher helped me with it , which it's supposed to be a corn soup bowl with a lid on!

Simple and straight forward recipe that yield a nutty crust and chewy crumb. It sounds very French isn't it? I think so, very much! Or may be just a fusion of Japanese and French ? A very basic French-like bread recipe added with corn kernels and cream corn. Just imagine a French baguette added with corn.... can you picture that? I thought I could have time to make a pot of cream of corn soup to go together with the bread, but I guess I was too ambitious! I had problem making the dough into a corn soup bowl during shaping. So this is the best I could do. My son told me they looked like the old fashion telephone, that he watched in one of his cartoon on JimJam Channel! Goodness me....  soup bowl that looks like telephone???


Bread flour   250g
Sugar  8g
salt  5g
Yeast  5g
Water   90g
Cream corn  100g
Corn kernels  50g ( I used less as I didn't have enough)


1. Except butter, mix all ingredients to a sticky dough. Add in butter and continue kneading for good 10 minutes using hands. Till it becomes smooth and springy.

2. Let the dough rise in warm place and cover with damp cloth for about one hour or til it reaches double the volume.

3. Punch the air our form the dough and shape it to a ball, then let it rest for 10 minutes.

4. Divide dough into 7 each weigh about 60g. 14 each at 8g, 7 each at 5g. Roll each 60g onto a round ball, then two of 8g stick to the sides as the bowl handles. Lastly the 5g dough does on top the dough as the lid handle.

5 Place the shaped dough on baking tray and let them rise in a warm place for about 40 minutes. Bake in a pre heated oven 190'c for 15 minutes.  

Monday, October 3, 2011

Early Grey Bread & Corn Log Bread.

               My Saturday breakfast galore. Earl Grey loaf and Sweet corn log bread....

                                                Some of my friends thought it's a chiffon cake!

Sweet corn bread is ever so soft. 

September was rather a busy month for me, now stepping into October I fell like a sudden slowdown. Wonder is this good or bad?! I am into relax mode again I guess, I started to dig out all my bread recipe books and started to look for something new to try out. Indeed, I got quite a number of new ones that I have bookmarked, just to wait for the right time to try them out one by one. On top of that, I have always wanted to buy a bread tin that looks like a log/cylinder shape which I have been long for since I last saw it on Cuoca website, however, it's too expensive to spend  so much money for that particular online purchase, as the Yen is way too high...! on top of that, I got to pay for Vpost to ship the parcel from Japan would cost me another big money! In my memory, I have seen something similar at Phoon Huat which only cost $8! But I don't know why I did not get it right at that time.  So with my relax and happy mode these days, I started to plan for a day when I would go to this particular branch in town where they carry most of the items of all, hopping that I would get that $8 bread tin ( since I am in the positive energy mode, I did think I'd get it. It's that 'Law of attraction' again) heh heh....

My son started his Japanese lesson again, after a month break as his Japanese teacher went back to Hokkaido for a break. Hence I took a walk to the brunch near Bencoolen street, after I dropped my son at his teacher's.  The weather was kind to me on that day, when I could just take my time and made my way there. Somehow I didn't go straight to the pans and tins section, not knowing whether could I still get what I wanted. I slowly browsed through every lane and lastly came to the tin section..... Well, I spotted the $8 tin, BUT!!!! it was in terrible condition and my heart sank for a moment! As I decided to take a more detail search, I squat down and tried to dig further. I was so so thrill that I found something even better! I know this one would not cost just $8, but I was all prepared and willing to pay, with it's quality! I can't be very sure where the tin's made, but for sure it's for the Japanese standard that it's produced. On top of that, it comes with the instructions note in Japanese.  So I was very sure , this is the right stuff I was going to get. After more than 30 minutes in the shop, I just got myself one item, and I thought I was the happiest person in the whole Singapore!!! I think many of my friends will not ever understand why just an ugly bread tin could make me a happy woman as I am!! In the younger days, things that made me happy would be that few things like hand bags, shoes, dresses, jewelleries... not quite for recent years though. But now my hubby is complaining that our kitchen storage space is running out!!! He thinks I should stop my passion collections before I have to store them under our bed!! Come to think of it, it's quite a good idea to have some of the collections kept there ( under the bed) ya?? '' Grin''!!! In case you are interested to know how much I paid for the twin cylinder bread tin... it's $27. Not that bad right??

 Being a greedy me, I couldn't wait to have a try of the new tin, so I decided to make the corn bread using the new tin , yet, I am impatient to know how an Earl Grey tea bread would taste. After seeing many many blogger post on different types of bakes using Earl Grey tea, since I have not been a fan of Earl Grey tea, so that had kept me from trying... Finally, I did!! I quite like it, the Earl Grey didn't over take the whole bread. A mild tinted Earl Grey perfect for a person like me who prefers Assam, Ceylon and English Breakfast. I have a few friends who are big fans of Earl Grey, so now I have a great offer when they come over for tea or brunch. I will always welcome them for breakfast too!!

Earl Grey Loaf:

Bread flour   150g
Instant yeast   3g
Sugar   18g
Salt   3g
Skimmed milk / Milk powder  9g   (Japanese call milk powder ''Skimmed Milk'')
Egg  24g
Earl Grey Tea  leave 3g ( use tea bag)
Water  75g
Unsalted butter  30g


1. Earl grey tea and water boil together to infuse a thick tea liquid. Let it cool a little.

2. Mix all ingredient to form a sticky dough and hand knead till smooth and springy.

3. Let dough rise in warm place and covered with damp cloth, for one hour or reaches 2.5 time bigger.

4. Press the air our from the dough, and let it rest for 10 minutes.

5. Shape the dough into a ring and place it into a tube cake tin. Press the dough down well, and cover with cling film or cloth and let it rise till double in size. Bake in pre heated oven at 190'c for 25 minutes.


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