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Couple of month's ago, Evan's Kitchen Ramblings shared with me a piece of good news, which was Paul will be opening in Sinagpore, and since I have been waiting and got to know they might be open their very first branch here in Singapore before Christmas. However, I waited, and waited...... they didn't manage to open in time as mentioned. However, while I was doing some shopping in town yesterday, hubby thought we should pop by to see if it's open since Christmas is over. But it hasn't! So I walled closer to the almost ready Paul, to have a peek. I wonder would the local brunch setup be the same as those in Paris which I have visited. As I was standing at the ajar open door, I was a little disappointed. The setup and design here has nothing close to the ones in Paris. I  am supposed, they find that the location of their brunch might not match with Ngee Ann City's setup?? Whatever it is, as long as they keep up with their pastries standard that'd be the key of the whole thing!! At the end I managed to find out that opening date besides the setup of the shop.

                                                           One of the Paul in Paris

Ladies and gentlemen......... Paul will be open on 6 of January 2012!!! Which is tomorrow ( hope there won't be any changes)See if I could find an excuse to go down town and be their first day customer. heh heh........  Hope see you there too!!


bossacafez said…
paul in paris looks fantastic, you're so lucky to hv been there! hv you gone to the sg one already? i wanted to go on the day it opened but was afraid there would be some delay or hiccups in their opening day lol

how do i address you btw? my name is evangeline, you can call me 'evan' for short :)
Cosy Bake said…
Hi Evan,

You may call me Cheryl. :)

Yes, I was at Paul yesterday, and I bought my favorite apple turnover an dcroissants!! They are as good as those in Europe! I am sooo happy Pual is here! It was long queu the whole day. But not so on the opening day though.(according to my friend who was there on opening day)

Quickly go and enjoy their yummy pastries!!
hanushi said…
I must really try it some day since you rave about it so much! :)
Cosy Bake said…
Yes hanushi, must try.... My fav is apple turnover , croissant and appricot tart.
Quay Po Cooks said…
The next time I am in Singapore, I MUST check this out. Thanks for sharing.
bossacafez said…
hey cheryl, nice knowing you and sorry for the late reply!

i was at PAUL today and it was a horrible experience. left without having anything. the service was terrible and lacking if non-existent. when we took our seats we werent informed that most things werent on the menu. turned out that there was no tarte citron, no macarons, no tarte au chocolat, croissants not ready and gotta wait one hour for them to be baked. went to hungrygowhere and saw similar reviews that spoke of horrible service and bad food. dont think i'll be dining in next time, probably just get croissants from the counter. looks like they hv lotsa kinks to iron out. truly a disappointment!

heard theres maison kayser in singapore, hv u tried?
Cosy Bake said…
hi hi Evan,

Oh dear..... I haven't been to MAison Kayser, where is it? I would love to try them out!!

Yes, I noticed Paul is lacking in many ways. I was there dinning in 4 days ago, and the Q was forever there. I could see the quantity of their bakes could not keep up with the demand, which is very sad!! My cousin were there for two times and yet she couldn't get her apple turnover..... so i was surprised to know the staff told her got to wait till next week!!!! So far, their apple turnover, apricot tart and croissant are my favourite. So the rest weren't really what I am looking for.

You are right that they need some time to run things smooth. And I did experience one particular male staff was rather unfriendly!! Hope in time to come, they will improve.....
bossacafez said…
hi cheryl!

maison kayser is at scotts square, i believe you'll be there sooner than i am so do let me know how the pastries are! from what i read some of them are soggy but its inevitable coz of our humid weather. would wanna go find out how true it is!

as for PAUL, i think its pretty unacceptable consider they have 400+ franchises worldwide. dont tell me they cannot forsee the demand? i was there on a weekday afternoon so to run out of so many things its really quite shocking. i can't imagine what weekend will be like. to wait til next week for an apple turnover is crazy, they really need to clean up their act!

most of the staff their are either unfriendly, uninitiative or lack of knowledge. but then thats overall the service in sg so we shouldn't be too surprised :-/

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